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What Makes Bethard A Leading Online Betting Site?


BetHard is a Malta-based online betting site that was introduced in the online betting demographic in 2014. Since then it is one of the leading sites in the business.

Bethard Review Bethard – Online Review

  • The credibility of the site leans upon the established and trusted reputation of the parent company BetHard Ltd.
  • It secures the trust of over 90,000 hourly online users.
  • Offers over 25,000 live events and 1,500 plus types of betting options.
  • In addition to that, the site also offers various video slots and live casinos for the users to win money online.
  • The site is also secured by SSL encryptions ensuring the safety of the fund’s exchange by the users.
  • Furthermore, the online betting website is available in over 100 languages. This makes the navigation for foreign users much easier.

What are online betting games included?

The site has various kinds of games for all types of users. The range varies from basic quiz and lottery games to a live casino. Users can engage in fun-filled basic games like bingo, scratch cards, etc. In addition to the users can use real money for online gambling via the plethora of table games available. The games available include blackjack, Texas hold em’, poker, etc. In addition to that, there are other games such as slots and roulette available too.

Users can engage in the easy to use and understand games and make money betting online. The procedure is the same as that of a normal casino. In the online betting casino, the users are required to deposit a starting amount using which they further play. The procedures are completely secure and designed such that its effortless for the user to use. All the winnings are in turn transferred back to the winner over some time. These user-friendly and secure design thus makes the users feel comfortable. It tackles the risk of an illegal or unauthorized transaction which is one of the leading drawbacks of online betting. This factor usually causes reluctance among thousands of users. However, BetHard lives up to its reputation with cautious and secure methods and utter transparency.

Sports betting online on BetHard

Bethard sport betting Bethard – Sport Betting

The betting trend has grown substantially in the last decade. This wasn’t expected considering the numerous bans and laws that have been implemented against the betting community worldwide. However, the market has seemed to have culminated from a minor business to a major one. And what can’t be debated is the role sports has played in this recovery.

Online sports betting is one of the most common and popular forms of betting. People all over the world tend to participate in this suspenseful activity. Thus, it’s not a surprise that BetHard also hosts one of the largest online sports betting domains. The online betting site allows its users to participate in various online sports betting activities. Justifying the term sports to the fullest, BetHard offers a long list of included sports for the users to choose from. The list includes Badminton, American Football as well as Australian Football. There are sports like Boxing, Winter Sports, Cricket, Wrestling, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey and the most popular of them all, Football.

The diversity of the option, therefore, invites a load of users and offer equally interesting offers in all. The maximum betting range varies for each sport. The online sports betting palette includes games like live betting. There the players bet against each other with live and up to date odds pertinent to the game going on. In addition to that, there are sports quizzes that help users win real money online. Also, there are real-time fantasy league which has a good structured and user-friendly feature. Thus, it is a popular activity on the site. Thousands of people are therefore playing these online sports betting games.

Furthermore, BetHard seems to have a soft spot for the football fans. And that is evident in the fact that a user has over 100 betting option for a single live football game. These options include various combos, handicap betting, and other online betting offers. With such populous traffic, the site’s sports domain itself boasts an overall payout rate of 94%. These features thus make BetHard immensely popular in the European regions of Spain and France. The sporting domain coverage of BetHard is indisputable in the business and is worth all the money and time spent on it.

Money exchange features on this online betting site

It’s no surprise that the biggest worry of a user when indulging in online betting is that of various scams. They fear unauthorized transactions that are wildly prevalent. There is a record 50,000 plus complaints every year against many online casinos and betting sites.

So, it seems fair for the users to be reluctant in depositing their money with an online entity. It is thus the moral responsibility of a registered betting company to make sure that the money deposited with them is sheerly secured. The further exchange involved should be timely and safe. BetHard seems to function on a similar ideology. Their money exchange servers are one of the safest and the transactions are timely. The wagers deposited by the users are done through a very user-friendly method involving just a few clicks.

Bethard bonuses Bethard Bonuses and Promotion

Furthermore, the withdrawal of the winning amount is done through a similar process without any service taxation. This sets BetHard apart from online betting sites as they tend to charge a minor amount for the services offered. The deposit process is effortless with various card options available including MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc. The withdrawal process takes a few days to come through. The duration varies depending on the mode of transaction. E-wallets get the fastest withdrawal within a 24 hours period while cheques and debit/credit cards can take up to 5-7 days. In conclusion, the financial procedures are well handled by BetHard and set a bar for other sites to compete.

Room for improvements in sport betting

As versatile the site seems to be, with its impeccable features and response, there are still a few improvements that can be made. Firstly, the most common complaint was regarding the lack of game other than a table, card, and sports which could be betted upon.

Furthermore, even though the site contains a live chat option in case of any issues, most of the time the feature was complained to be useless. There were apparent delays and even cases of no responses from the executives. There are a just a few complaints regarding the withdrawal delay which could also be looked upon. However, even with many complaints on various review sites and the parent site, BetHard has responded responsibly. With timely acknowledgment of all the complaints, they’ve made promises on working on the issues. This shows the mindset of the entity and consolidates the relationships with the users. This also makes them preferable as an online betting site.

In conclusion, BetHard has done a job which could be allowed to stand as near as perfect. The effortless navigation, diverse activities and various betting offers makes the website easy to use and adapt to. The secure money exchange and consolidated brand trust surely puts them in the top 10 online betting sites.