The Best Online Betting Sites Of 2018

Are you in search of some extra cash? The options you can choose from to bet on online sites is endless. Fortunately, the internet has brought gambling a prospective face. The online betting sites now provide the users with insurances, security, choices for betting and payment procedures. Reviewing these most popular online sports betting sites play an important role in picking out trusted sites from the bunch. Betting has become facile in the modern day, yet you cannot turn a blind eye to the existence of fraudulent websites lounging to steal your money. They mess around with odds, fiddle with your account by banning it when you begin to earn more and some even trash your money. So, how to identify the authentic site from the basket? Well, here is a list of notions to be aware of while online betting. Check out the ways in which you can earn lucratively.

Nowadays Online sports betting sites are a dime a dozen. Many sites in the market couldn’t care less about your safety. The following list is a journal of trustworthy and reliable sites for betting. The sites are 888sports, Betway and Bethard.


Last Updated: July 2020

Best Choice
  • Safe and Secure Betting
  • Reliable betting software
  • Massive Wagering Limit
  • Regular offers and welcome bonus
  • Large list of deposit and withdrawal options
Betting Rating 5
( 6836 votes )
Win Rate 85%
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Exclusive offers and welcome bonus
  • 1500+ types of Betting options
  • Secured with SSL Encryption
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Quick Payout
Betting Rating 4,7
( 3679 votes )
Win Rate 87%
  • 500 Plus Casino Games
  • Quick and trustable payouts
  • Upto 100% bonus
  • Safe and secure betting
  • Diverse sports covered
  • Cashout Time 1-7 days
Betting Rating 4,5
( 2054votes )
Win Rate 82%

How to choose the right betting site to win money

Many features and factors distinguish best online betting sites from any other site labeled as ‘best.’ The right betting site will make your online sports betting experience instead of breaking it. The high risks while gambling can cause you to land in significant and criminalized tumult if one is carelessly wandering into unsafe sites. Intentional browsing should be the key to search for the best online betting site. Intentional browsing will keep your priorities in the forefront and will help you choose the site that matches your mindset. Once that is clear, the online betting site will choose you to cater to your needs.

Ask yourself: What sport are you betting on? What are its stakes on which want to bet on? The amount you’re willing to invest is? Can expected returns amount to? Is it going to be serious gameplay or experience to cherish? Everyone should be clear on their intentions for online sports betting. Only then you will be able to identify the right online betting site according to their needs. Gamblers should be cognizant of the online betting rules and regulations of their country. Scammers are always around the corner. It is up to us as to how well we avoid them.

Factors to look for in a sports betting site

After we’re clear, as gamblers and risk-takers, of the odds we are betting against, we need to choose the online sports betting websites. You have to look at the different programs, features, and benefits offered by the online betting sites. You need to ask yourself: Benefits and rewards over experience? What is the Deposit and withdrawal options that you want? Do you want to practice live betting and interact with others, simultaneously? Is mobile your priority to bet on this platform? Before you decide on your decision, visit the site and understand their user interface. Check out their pages for features, benefits, support, and rewards, if that’s what you’re gambling for. The navigation on the page, its characteristics should interest you and pester your attention again.

You must check on the different ranges of sports and leagues and check for the availability of your favorite game. What are the other options at your disposal? Features are common to various sites where one could bet on their chosen game. But analyzing from the mayhem of overloaded odds and features in a sports betting site is a fundamental factor in choosing.

At the end of the day, do remember to seek out information regarding bank options and customer care. It narrows down to the credibility and trustworthiness that an online sports betting site has to offer.

How can you find the best betting sites?

First and foremost, thorough research and awareness are necessary before finalizing the online sports betting website of their choice. One must prudently visit review sites and social media to logically analyze the performance. You should be well aware of the betting platform and see how their choice has fared. Another eloquent aspect to never forget is to know whether or not the current users are happy with their experience. This experience of the present users determines how good or bad a particular website is. Studying the types of deposit options available to them is essential. Did the bookmaker offer bonuses for the initial deposit and re-deposit stocks into the account? There must be no lethargy or ignorance in understanding when it comes to narrowing down to the best betting site suitable for them. They should focus on customer service, as it makes or breaks the experience.

If the brand does not support and respect its users, then that is immediately identified and a bad one. A good business is never stagnant. It always seeks to keep its clientele happy and satisfied, yet all the same, expecting for more. This includes deals, offers, new arrivals, etc. The site is meant to serve you, not the other way around. Don’t resort to thinking that your fate lies in the hands of the bonuses. It purely depends on your logic. Sharpen it. You can read our reviews to see the online betting websites that we trust, for the same.

Your guide to free betting

Free bets do not own a stake or land you in risk. They are made out of free will and the sheer competence to show power and dominance. They are usually offered by online sports betting websites and bookmakers for promotional activities. Here are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind. This betting guide will be of great help.

  • You should know where to invest your money.
  • Make a proper betting strategy.
  • Arbitrage Betting strategy should be formed
  • Effective money management should be there
  • Check out the betting odds properly
  • Place the right bid

Popular online betting sites issue such offers and promos on a regular basis to keep their customers happy. Pro tip: If you want to win a bet, know everything about it, from within and without. It would be very beneficial to know the history, the patterns and the performances.

Online betting has sometimes high possibilities of an upset. Either the team isn’t performing well, or the player is going through a rough patch. Being a fan helps in judging the odds of the sport better. Sometimes it is okay to have just a few selections just to have a chance of winning a bet. The bettor needs to avoid the temptation of the prices of the odds. There is a high risk of you losing out on a big amount, instead of winning small. It is important to understand the online betting market. If you are an experienced bettor, you will be able to recognize market patterns and strategies. Considering a less obvious market could also make it profitable for you.

A bettor needs to keep in mind the history, facts, and numbers before laying out a bet. Heartful betting might lead to your downfall and lose your money. One needs to know the grounds on which the bet is made. Knowing the lesser popular sports also helps in this case.

Online mobile betting

Mobile betting has risen the advent of a new age of online betting in the market. With a greater number of mobile phones than humans on this planet, online betting has become more accessible than ever. Most popular online sports betting websites have developed their relevant applications and mobile compatible support platforms. These websites help their customers to access their services from anywhere in the world. Since mobile range betting is now a common site, bettors need to be wary of sites that do not offer such services. Mobile betting has opened up the ambit of online sports betting sites and has made them more unrestricted than ever before.

Live betting and streaming

Broadcasting services have seen a desperate but positive increase in spreading services, the broadcasting of online betting has also tremendously evolved. Most of the best online sports betting sites offer. Many sites now are equipped with the options to live to stream their scores and earning to the world. It gives them a platform to not only publicize their wealth and talent but also provides a wavelength for communication. The quality of the streaming service is an equally required prospect not to ignore. Most of the top online betting sites have resources to provide streaming services in full HD and give an amazing live experience. Live sports streaming and betting streaming distinguish themselves due to the constant updates in betting platforms and that the odds are incessantly updated for the users. It has become a major game-changer in the online betting industry and for a better experience for the user.

Frequently asked questions on online sports betting sites

How to get started with online sports betting?

  • Start off by doing an ample amount of research.
  • Create an account and register yourself with the betting site.
  • Make your first deposit.
  • Find the sport of your choice and stake consistently.
  • Only back the bets where the chances of winning are high.
  • If online betting offers are available, take advantage of it.

Pro tip: Start small with insurmountable confidence. A $40-50 bet is okay.

How much money should I bet on?

Questions on money always top the FAQ lists. The practical answer is that money is influenced by you, your need and your expertise. However, it is advised to bet almost from $100, since the positive and negative moneyline is also measured in the same terms.

What are the important factors to consider before starting money lineonline sports betting?

The trustworthiness of the brand, customer service, user interface, different features and offers given by the online sports betting site are a few notable facts. The players should be fully aware of these.

Is it possible to make online betting money?

Yes. But there are no promises and guarantees. Online sports betting is an art and a sport in itself. It takes time, patience and practice to gain expertise.

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