Top Free Bets And Bonuses In 2018

Free bets have become a profitable option for most of the bookmakers. They now see it as an alternative to attract new users for the sign-up process. Later, their new accounts are used for betting bonuses. Before indulging into the online betting bonus sites, people should be well acquainted with the free betting process. There are some terms and conditions that the gamblers should be know beforehand. To lead the bookmaking industry, companies have to fulfill a number of criteria. These include their online betting welcome bonus, payout criteria customer care and experience enhancement, and various other factors. The brands those are successful in doing so top the list of best online betting bonus sites. Free bets can become the base grounds for generating the highest revenue for an online betting site. Let’s go through the list of leading online betting bonus sites in 2018:

Best Online Betting Sites Bonuses

Last Updated: July 2020

Best Choice
  • Safe and Secure Betting
  • Reliable betting software
  • Massive Wagering Limit
  • Regular offers and welcome bonus
  • Large list of deposit and withdrawal options
Betting Rating 5
( 6836 votes )
Win Rate 85%
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Exclusive offers and welcome bonus
  • 1500+ types of Betting options
  • Secured with SSL Encryption
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Quick Payout
Betting Rating 4,7
( 3679 votes )
Win Rate 87%
  • 500 Plus Casino Games
  • Quick and trustable payouts
  • Upto 100% bonus
  • Safe and secure betting
  • Diverse sports covered
  • Cashout Time 1-7 days
Betting Rating 4,5
( 2054votes )
Win Rate 82%

The best sites for free betting and bonuses online

Betway: Top online betting site

  • 500 Plus Casino Games
  • Quick and trustable payouts
  • Upto 100% bonus
  • Safe and secure betting

Betway, a well-known online gambling website is famous for its humongous customer service base. The brand has numerous sports, not only popular but rare ones as well. This bookmaker is consistently chosen by people for its easy and customer friendly financial system. The security is ensured by their 128-bit SSL digital encryption. Free bets amount to £30 if the online betting welcome bonus is a match.

An intuitive application has been developed on the criteria: to serve and bring the best. Putative for its compelling and welcoming deals, it is user satisfying. It is advised to skim through the T&Cs well before betting. T&Cs are available in detail at official sources of information over social media and websites. They also offer the best promotions weekly.

Bethard: An online betting site where you can make a fortune

  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Exclusive offers and welcome bonus
  • 1500+ types of Betting options

The Bethard brand always heats up the competition of other online betting bonus sites. They have an interesting customer support system and ample apps for easy betting. They are accredited to the UK Gambling Commission. The brand offers an astonishing £50 welcome bonus in case of extra bets. As a new customer from the US, you will be required deposit £20, as per their bonus program. To earn the £50 bets, you will be asked to stake £100 as a sports bet. After registration, your bonus expires in seven.

888 Sports: The best online betting site

  • Safe and Secure Betting
  • Reliable betting software
  • Massive Wagering Limit

The bookmaker’s journey is from humble to huge! They started their betting from European markets but now indulge in areas of poker and casino. 888 offers you to bet £10 and earn £30. The exciting welcome offer persuades each bookie to try this bookmaker once. After registration, warrant a little sum of £10. Proceed with the promo code 30F.
Follow the steps mentioned below to unlock an exciting bonus:

  • Place a bet of £10 or higher.
  • The bet should be as per your choices, not market tastes.
  • 90 days’ time duration to be given to placing the bet.

They never fail to offer odds that are highly competitive. The sports involve exotic involvement which makes them more than mere ordinary. A rookie like you will feel at home and say, you want to gamble in a tiny spectrum of funds, 888 is a great platform.

The top betting promotions

Weekly promotions are a great medium for creating brand loyalty. This also gives a better overview of the brand. The online betting offers are displayed to persuade customers to gain sign up bonus when visited the site. Some of the best online betting offers are provided by the fabled online betting companies like Bethard, 888 and Betway, to name a few. Check out the latest sports betting tips and the respective offers as per the bookmakers and decide wisely before the gamble is invested.

Figuring out the best betting bonuses

It is essential to look up for all guidelines and various tips before inducing money into gambling. Here is a list of warning bells to be aware of to ensure the safety of your gamble:

  • Looking up for the best betting sites with a deposit bonus.
  • Never miss out the top betting sites with the welcome bonus.
  • Welcome bonuses are the best ways to maximize your returns just by betting a small amount at the start.
  • The best betting bonuses are often provided by the bookmakers with highest ranks.

Deposit bonuses are those types of bonuses that haven’t been faring well, as of recent. But not being really well known at the moment, they are regarded as one of the best types. The return is double of the initial deposit. Free cash can be used to bet on an array of wagers, too.

Maximize the profit from betting bonuses and sign up promotions

Leveraging the online betting bonus and the promotions on signing up are a hard pursuit market. One should be aware and specific about the leading online betting bonuses websites.

The first way involves depositing bonus and bets on them. The initial step is a sign-up bonus. Invest your first bet and earn smart returns. Follow these by different types of bonuses like deposit bonus, winning bonus and refund bonus. Secondly, apply different strategies for winning the bonuses. They might involve low-risk or greater risk.

Online betting sites are volatile and highly competitive in nature. The industry lets people maximize the profits from the hoard available sign-up promotions. Sign-up promotions are used in large numbers to draw customers their way. In this process, one can exploit the online betting offered and boosted odds.

The online free betting sites

Recently, multiple online betting sites have risen. To popularize it, a diversity of strategies are being practiced by bookmakers. Free betting is a part of it. These sites have been providing betting site bonus offers, astonishing free bets, and promo bonuses, with no deposit. Some of the best welcome offers are offered by 888, Bethard and Betway. They have earned the name of the ‘Top Betting Sites.’

The registration betting bonuses

A welcome bonus is the most promoted and populous bonus on online betting sites. This is a convention of persuasion for beginners to try their luck. So every bookmaker intends on making it worthy for their customers. For a better overview consider the examples:

Betway offers you one of the best welcome bonuses which leave you with no other option but only registration. £30 earnings on various sports bets can be made. There will be implied terms and conditions applied, especially to free bets, but they’re not very complicated.

How to get started and cash out process

Every bookmaker has their own devoted sign-up process. The general process involves a few things only. The process begins with creating an account on the betting site. Terms and conditions are essential; strictly read them and then, and only then, proceed.

Personal information is to be filled by the beginner. It includes the name of the customer, their country, address, and email. To second this is the contact information. For an easy to go experience, moreover, language can also be selected as per your choice and taste on the online betting sites.

The cashout process is where you are allowed to leverage your bets early before the bet grows. Unachievable, if the bet is then you can choose to take some of the stacks back. This can easily be accomplished prior to the betting event commencement. Further, authentication and authorization via username and password can be created to log in, in the future. The final step involves the 4-digit security code in case the information is lost.

A lot of sports involve cash-out including horse race, tennis or football being popular ones. The cash-out button is yellow in color. You are in the red or yellow zone with just a click away. The money will be credited to your purse after cash out process is successful.

How the betting bonus expires?

Yes, a betting bonus can expire if the terms and conditions are not met. There are certain wagering requirements to keep in mind to avoid the expiry of the bonus. The bonus needs to be wagered a few times on products before it is converted into cash. There is a predefined time duration to wager the bonus, or it will become invalid. For, e.g., if you want to fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus in the sports market, only sports events should be bet on. This includes the odds up to 1.7. The odds ought to be cleared antecedently. You can always look up to bonus expiration information in your profile/account under ‘My bonuses.’

What are the different types of betting bonuses?

There exist various types of bonuses available to a bookie. Sportsbook is renowned for the following bonuses:

  • Welcome or sign up betting bonus
    These offers are a part of sportsbook logging in or signing-up into your account. On your initial deposit, this amount is highlighted. It is frequently used to attract and increase customer base. Familiarize yourself with bankrolls, and every sportsbook comes up with an exciting welcome bonus.
  • Cash betting bonuses
    These are different from sign up bonus in the aspect that they are fixed with an amount of deposit which is usually smaller. Even these show up when you are done with the signing up process. You can use the money for wagering freely.
  • No deposit betting bonuses
    This type of bonus is offered by many online sportsbook companies and is regarded as a part of the sign-up process. These are offered by these companies on some occasional or important sports events. In addition, they are added by a small amount. Simple reason: they are free. Apart from wagering requirements, there is no risk involved with such a bonus.
  • Reload betting bonuses
    Subsequent to the sign-up, your first bonus is rewarded. You are also fortunate to get reload bonus by many sportsbooks on your next deposit. In comparison to the welcome bonus, this is a bit lesser in amount. Usually, betting sites do not offer such a bonus on a regular basis. They are exceptional unless during some promotional events.
  • Free Bet bonuses
    This comes with no risk policy as the stake at risk is insignificant for wagering. Hence, there are zero risks of losing any money. No deposit is required to acquire these bonuses, and the winning amount can be collected if your wager wins.

The best online betting bonuses

There are many sites where you can start your online betting journey. However, ensure you check out their rules and more importantly their terms and conditions properly. A lot of fraudulent sites are there that do not offer proper payouts and promotions. Check out the betting site that you are playing on and make sure your money is in the right place.

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